How Does Kroger Digital Coupons Work?

Kroger Digital Coupons are the same as paper coupons. The only difference is that they are being completely electronic. It means you can redeem them only from your Mobile Phone, PC, or Laptop.

There are different types of Kroger Digital Coupons. You can use them to get exciting offers, discounts, and deals. Want to know more about the Kroger Digital Coupons? Here is our complete guide.

Type of Kroger Digital Coupons

Following are some different types of Kroger Digital Coupons that you can avail:


Weekly Digital Coupons

These are your bread and butter, refreshed every week with savings on popular items like meat, produce, dairy, snacks, and household essentials. You can typically clip up to 5 of each digital coupon per week, making them versatile and impactful.

Bonus Digital Coupons

Think of these as surprise treats! These pop up throughout the week with limited quantities or durations, offering deeper discounts on specific items or categories. Keep an eye out for flash sales, clearance blowouts, or brand-specific promotions.

Delivery & Pickup Specific Coupons

Online grocery orders for pickup or delivery get their own set of exclusive coupons. This incentivizes convenience and can offer significant savings on bulk purchases or service fees.

Seasonal Savings

Get ready for holidays and special occasions with themed coupon sets! Stock up for Thanksgiving with turkey discounts, prepare for Halloween with candy savings, or celebrate summer with grilling essentials marked down.

Clearance Discounts

Don’t miss out on expiring items! Kroger often offers digital coupons for products nearing their sell-by date, providing deep discounts and minimizing food waste.

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Save More Using Digital Coupons

Want to save more using digital coupons at Kroger? Here’s how you do it:


Manufacturer Coupons

You can usually combine Kroger Digital Coupons with manufacturer coupons (printed or digital) for even bigger savings. However, check for any exclusions or limitations listed on the coupons themselves.

Store Sales

Digital coupons can often be stacked with existing store sales and promotions on the same item, further amplifying your discount. Keep an eye out for combo deals and clearance items with additional coupon savings.

Limitations and Rules

Remember, not all coupons can be combined. Watch for fine print restrictions like “one coupon per item” or “not valid with other offers.” Using the Kroger app or website can help ensure compatibility and avoid confusion.

How to Use Kroger Digital Coupons?

Following are some different ways you can use Kroger Digital Coupons:


Official Website

Browse and clip coupons directly on the Kroger website, sorting by category, brand, or expiration date. You can then activate them on your Kroger Plus card or digital account directly from the website.

Kroger App

Download the Kroger app and access coupons under the “Savings” tab. Clip your desired coupons and add them to your digital card, making them readily available at checkout. The app also provides usage history and notifications for new deals.

In-Store Kiosks

Look for digital coupon kiosks near the entrance of your local Kroger store. These kiosks allow you to browse and clip coupons on the spot, perfect if you forgot to plan or want to maximize your in-store savings.

Activating on Kroger Plus Card

Once you’ve clipped your desired coupons, you can activate them on your Kroger Plus card either online, through the app, or at the in-store kiosk. This ensures the discounts are automatically applied at checkout.

Tracking Usage History

Both the website and app allow you to track your coupon usage history. This helps you monitor how often you’ve used a specific coupon, avoid accidentally exceeding redemption limits, and plan your future savings strategies.


If you encounter any issues with digital coupons, like missing activations or unexpected deductions, you can contact Kroger customer service online or through the app. They’ll be happy to assist you and resolve any technical problems.

Benefits and Drawbacks

Here are the benefits and drawbacks of using Kroger Digital Coupons:


Benefits of Digital Coupons

  • Convenience
  • Environmentally Friendly
  • Real-time Tracking
  • Targeted Offers
  • Stacking Potential

Drawbacks of Digital Coupons

  • Technology Dependence
  • Visual Reminder Lacking
  • Technical Glitches

Kroger Digital Coupons Inquiries

Have any questions related to Kroger Digital Coupons? Contact the Kroger Customer Service today to get answers.


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