Kroger Employee Handbook

Want to understand your role at Kroger? Then get to know all the rules and regulations for Kroger Employees today. You can do so by referring to the Kroger Employee Handbook.

Kroger Employee Handbook not only explains the rules for employees, but it also explains the benefits you will get by working at Kroger. You can also understand how to avail these benefits.

To get your Kroger Employee Handbook, you can use the online method, or you can get it in person. Here are the details on getting your Kroger Employee Handbook PDF or Hardcopy.

Kroger Employee Handbook 2024

To understand your role at Kroger, the Employee Handbook is a must-have document. We have listed some of the particulars of the Kroger Employee Handbook below. You will understand the importance of the Kroger Handbook once you read it.


  • Company overview and values
  • Work policies and procedures
  • Compensation and benefits
  • Performance management
  • Employee rights and responsibilities
  • Information about specific departments or job roles
  • Emergency procedures
  • Company social events and activities
  • Contact information for HR and other departments

These are some of the particulars explained in the Kroger Employee Handbook 2024. You will get a detailed overview of every aspect of your employment once you have the handbook. Now, that you understand the importance of Kroger Handbook For Employees, let’s get on with the steps to get it.

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How to Get Kroger Employee Handbook?

Here are the methods you can use to get your Kroger Handbook:


Online PDF

To get your Kroger Employee Handbook 2024 online, follow the steps provided below:

  • Access the Kroger Employee website at
  • Enter your login information and click the “I AGREE” button.
  • To access your Kroger Employee Handbook, navigate to the “My Documents” section.
  • Then click the link, and download or view the Kroger Employee Handbook PDF.

In-Person Hardcopy

  • Visit the Kroger Store you work in.
  • Contact your Kroger Branch Manager.
  • Ask him/her for the Kroger Employee Handbook.
  • You will be able to receive the Kroger Handbook successfully.


If you are a new Kroger Employee, you can get your Handbook during the orientation process. This way, you will know all the rules and regulations of the company in advance.

Kroger Union Handbook 2024

Want to know what benefits you are eligible for? Or how to get pay raises while working at Kroger? The Kroger Union Handbook is the document for you. It explains all the rules and regulations of being in an employee union.


And remember each union has its handbook. The Kroger Union Handbook is only available for Kroger Co. Employees. You can access the Kroger Union Handbook PDF by clicking the link below.

Get Kroger Handbook Help

Have any questions related to the Kroger Employee Handbook? Worry not. Reach out to the Kroger Employee Help Desk and get assistance with any matter related to the Kroger Employee Handbook PDF.


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