How to Contact Kroger Employee Help Desk?

Whether you’re a new Kroger Employee or a seasoned Kroger Associate, there may come a time when you need assistance.

Kroger Employee Help Desk can provide support on many work-related issues. So, to contact the Kroger Employee Help Desk, we have compiled the guide below.

There are two ways to get assistance as a Kroger Associate; contact the Kroger Employee Help Desk via phone or contact your Kroger Branch Manager in person.

We have discussed both of them below to help you get assistance regarding any issues you are facing as a Kroger Employee.

How to Contact Kroger Employee Help Desk?

The most direct way to connect with the Kroger Employee Help Desk is by phone. And you don’t need to worry about the charges for the call, because it is a toll-free number. To contact the Kroger Help Desk, you must know their operation timings in advance.


This will help you plan your call accordingly. Here are the Kroger Employee Help Desk Operation Timings:

  • Monday – Friday: 7 am to Midnight EST
  • Saturday & Sunday: 7 am to 9:30 pm EST

Kroger Employee Help Desk Number

The next phase of contacting the Kroger Employee Help Department is to dial the number. Here’s the Kroger Employee Help Desk Number:


While calling the help desk, you will need the following things in advance:

  • Kroger Employee ID also known as EUID.
  • Store Number or Location of the Store.
  • A brief description of the issue you’re facing.

Kroger Branch Manager

You can also reach out to your Kroger Branch Manager to discuss the issue you are facing. He/She may be able to address the problem directly and save you time in the process.


Furthermore, you can also use the Feed Kroger Login to contact the Kroger Store Manager online. Use the instructions on our website’s homepage to access the login instructions for Kroger Feed Login.

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We have discussed all the information on contacting the Kroger Employee Help Desk above, You can reach out to them regarding issues related to Kroger Employee Login, Department-Specific Issues, getting answers to your questions, and more. For any questions regarding this post, you can comment below. Furthermore, make sure to use the official URLs while accessing any service related to Kroger to avoid security breaches.

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