How to Apply For Kroger Feed Your Future?

Kroger Feed Your Future is an employee scholarship program. This program helps employees complete their educational journey with ease.

Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Program is available to both Full-Time and Part-Time employees. You need to follow some rules to take advantage of the Kroger Feed Your Future Program.

All the Kroger Tuition Reimbursement requirements are listed below. More so, we have also mentioned the steps to apply for the Feed Your Future Program below.

How to Apply For Kroger Feed Your Future?

Follow the instructions provided below to apply for the Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Program.



These are the things you will require to apply for the Kroger Employee Scholarship.

  • You must be a Kroger Employee.
  • Work at Kroger for at least six months.
  • Must choose a Degree supported by the program.
  • You will also need proof of employment at Kroger.

Feed Your Future Scholarship Steps:

Follow the instructions provided below to apply for the Kroger Feed Your Future.

  • Choose the School or University to get your degree.
  • Check if Kroger supports your selected institution.
  • You can visit the Kroger’s website to see the complete list.
  • Visit the institution’s website or admission department after making your selection.
  • After acceptance, you’ll be given steps to apply for the scholarship.
  • The next step is to complete the Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Application.
  • Then submit it and wait for the approval of the Kroger Employee Scholarship.

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Benefits of Kroger Feed Your Future Program

Following are the advantages of Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Program:


  • Employees will receive financial assistance.
  • They will be able to continue with their education.
  • Moreover, they will get better opportunities at Kroger.
  • Furthermore, employees can also switch their careers.
  • And most of all, they can do better as a person.

Feed Your Future Support

Have any questions related to Kroger’s Feed Your Future Program? Don’t worry. You can contact the Kroger Employee Support today. Here’s the contact information:


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This is all with Kroger’s Feed Your Future Program. We have listed the steps to apply for the Kroger Tuition Reimbursement Program. You can follow those steps to continue your education journey. Furthermore, to get a deeper insight into Feed Your Future Kroger, you can ask your Kroger Store Manager. He/She will guide you through the whole process. More so, always use Kroger’s official channels to contact their support department to avoid any security issues.